My First Real Weightlifting Workout

Today’s workout observations will be brought to you later this afternoon as I delve into the world of weight lifting (& avoiding the posing mirror)
Funny how when you’ve decided to start waking up at 5 IN THE $&#% MORNING your body says “This what we will now do FOREVER!” 
Maybe if I start treating it more as a “Temple” rather than a “Dumpster” it’ll cut me some occasional slack.

We’ll see. Stay tuned…


***Later that day…***




sing it with me now!

This first day of gym time has been brought to you by the jellied sticks formerly known as my lower extremities. 

I’m pretty sure I left both of my legs over at the drinking fountain. Two of the old men from the elliptical machines are trying them on now. 

After downloading the latest & greatest beginners weight lifting program (I this one was for extreme beginners, in fact I seem to remember the word “fetus” somewhere in the title) I started in with squats.



This word is what I’ll probably be doing for the rest of the evening & into tomorrow. This graphic word was followed directly by leg presses, calf raises & leg extensions (I’m gonna need them).

Have any of you seen the YouTube video of the runway model who can’t stop wobbling on her high heels? Look it up. This is exactly what I looked like walking back to the locker room. 

I didn’t feel that I had done quite enough so I dragged my (insert donkey alternative here) into the pool for some flailing and proceeded to tow my legs like bait for a solid mile. 

I’m not sure I’ll be able to move in the morning but tomorrow is back, shoulders & arms. Not sure if the pool will see my tears…

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