I’ve heard many stories of couples saving their marriages. 

Today was the first time my marriage saved me. 

My special friend approached me after just one length of the pool and asked the fateful question…

“Are you married? Some of the girls wanted me to ask.”

My first reaction was shock (she’s 87) then relief (she was asking for others) then shock again as I realized the “the girls” were also in their late 70’s. 


My imagination immediately kicked into high gear & I envisioned a blind date where I watched a beautiful woman walking across a crowded restaurant dining room wearing a slinky dress & an amazing hairdo (moving incredibly slowly due to the four legged walker and trailing the huge oxygen bottle, iv cart & team of nurses)


I wondered why a blind date required a table for five. 

It was like an episode of Cougartown, or in this case Sabertoothtown. 

I smiled at my friend & replied “Yes” with an almost palpable & heavy sigh of relief. 

I had dodged the bullet…

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