That unwanted and unnoticed trickle slowly and sedately making it’s way out of the corner of your mouth when you’re:

A: On a wonderful cocktail of pain relievers and anti-inflammatories.
B: Napping where other people are not napping.


As you jerk awake like you’ve just dreamed that you’re in imminent danger of being turned into the squishy stuff between a raging elephants toes, you smack your lips and realize that although the dream wasn’t real, the people looking directly at you are.


You wipe the crystallized trail from the side of your face (of which such sediment can only mean that there’s too much sodium in your diet so lay off the ‘tato chips) and act as if nothing happened while in your mind you’re still figuring out where the hell you are and trying desperately the get your sh*t together.


Next time pay attention to the warning labels on your medications but for now, take your foot off of the brake and get out of the intersection.


Ps. I recommend throwing your back out occasionally so you too can have such interesting mornings 😉

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