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Glamour Boy Reunion

The Glamour Boys were back together this morning


(Peaches & Herb fired right up in my head “Reunited and it feels so gooooood…”)


The cologne, purchased by the barrel at Dollar General, was scented of horse manure (the good part) covered in ammonia and burning possum (the not so good part) but at least there was a hint of ancient seafood dumpster or it would have been truly awful…


My eyes, and those of everyone else in the pool were squirting tears just to wash away the mace like assault on our ocular senses.

The Glamour Boys, clueless as usual, were jabbering away like they were in heaven over in lane four.

The Aqua-ettes and I huddled on the far stairs taking turns swimming laps as far from the mushroom cloud of what I’m positive is named Assplosion por hommmes (…seriously…it’s French…really…)

Claude have mercy, it was bad.


Someday I’ll need to inform these “Gentlemen of the Evening” that decent cologne doesn’t come in a box like Franzia.