More #&%$ing Curls

Today it’s arms & back and once again I left my arms back at the curl bench. 

They will now live there. The back of them are fused to the elbow pad & the hands are death gripping the bar. 

Good riddance. 
I’m tired of not being able to use them after working out. 

Although most of the gym patrons here arrived on the Nina, the Pinta & the Santa Methuselah, the old guy next to me was running along on the elliptical machine & smiling at my efforts and the grandmotherly woman on my left was laughing outright at the look on my face. 

Gma “You look like you have to poop!”
Me: “I’m trying not to”


Now that the dastardly arms are gone I’m driving home, gripping the steering wheel with my teeth. Wish me luck…

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