Huge Bikini Flavored Water

As the bikini bottoms floated past my line of sight I knew I was in trouble. 

They were enormous. 


My special friend was back and raising the stakes in her one player game. 

As I began to choke on huge bikini flavored water she decided that CPR was her next best option. 

She grabbed hold of my head & began pulling me closer with her eyes closed and a blissful look on her face (a look of pure terror on mine), mouth wide open. 

I could see both of her teeth. 


If you’ve ever taken the lifeguard course you know that a desperate person clinging to you will let go if you submerge and that’s exactly what I did. 

She turned me loose and I did the most amazing freestyle stroke (hovering above the water) and exited the swimming arena (to the sound of laughter from the Aqua-ettes).


I think the afternoons are looking more attractive by the minute…

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