The Dementia Games

Today was like an episode of “The Dementia Games”
“W”, my “apparent” special friend in the pool, has been playing unwitting tricks on me. 

When she asked me how the cornbread turned out I told her that I thought I’d done something wrong. 
As I quoted her recipe back to her verbatim she shook her head with each ingredient & said “No, no” and my yabbut’s (yeah, but…you said!) were falling on deaf (& swimming cap covered) ears.
She proceeded to give me an entirely new recipe which I’m supposed to make today. 
All if my work in the pool is coming undone due to the dastardly cornbread. 

I should have realized what was going on when I arrived at the pool & one of the aqua-ettes whispered to the other 

“Watch this…”


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