Saturdays At The Pool

Skipping a day means a makeup day in the pool.

This is I’ll advised after an upper body workout when your shape is “round” instead of “in”

My arms & chest were crying out in agony and it took me 60 laps to loosen up. Unfortunately my swim is only 36 laps and that just never happened. 

On a lighter note, my special friend was back this morning & waiting at the end of my lane as I finished my lap. 

As I came up she began to speak and at that precise moment her beautiful while teeth fell out of her head and directly into the pool. 


She covered her mouth, turned and ran in the opposite direction. 
From my vantage point it looked like she was hovering in a pose like the FTD mascot (I’m pretty sure it’s Mercury with the wings on his ankles)

I quietly submerged, retrieved said choppers & laid them gently at the side of the pool. 

Saturdays are pretty interesting here. I think I’ll be back…

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