The Short Bus

I realized the mental state occurring in some of my fellow pool mates this morning. 


When I arrived, the Aqua-ettes & one of the Glamour Boys were all bunched together in the far two lanes drifting slowly up & down the length of the pool “exercising”

I began my laps & after about 20 minutes we were all treated to a visit from “The Short Bus”. 

She made her entrance from the locker room wearing what I will charitably call a flowered shower curtain with the biggest shower cap I’ve ever seen. 


Although signs are posted throughout the pool area warning us all of the dire consequences following playing with, leaning on or even sidelong glancing at the lane ropes, she leaped right on top of one and began riding it like a cheap and slow motion amusement park ride, getting off & back on, getting out of the pool to jump back on it again. It was like watching a one sided WWF match. 

She laughed and laughed, enjoying every minute. 

As I left she was busy chewing on it. 

I’m wondering if they make blinders for swimming goggles…

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