Oh What A Lonely Boy

When I walked into the pool room this morning, zero people were there. 

Even the shark was missing. 

I chuckled maniacally to my self, cannonballed into the water & began my swim with a tight lipped smile on my face (if I didn’t keep my mouth shut, huge bikini flavored water would seep in…)

As the laps slowly slid by I began to wonder where all of the Aqua-ettes were. Where were the Glamour Boys?

Every now & then as I paused between laps, ELO’s “It’s a living thing” line “I’m takin’ a dive!” Would drift appropriately over the speakers but as I continued Eric Carmen would leak into my head with…
“Aaalllll byyyyy myyyyysellllfff”
And I began to get a bit melancholy.


After about thirty minutes of this rolling around in my head I began to get a little emotional & the crying started (aside from the normal workout projectile crying).

How do you really know you’re crying when you’re underwater? Your face is already wet & it’s strangely confusing. You think to yourself “Am I seriously doing this?”

The only giveaway is the fact that you’ve got a weird grimace on your face and bubbles are drifting out of the corner of your mouth. A thin line of snot may in fact be trailing out of your nose but seriously HOW WOULD YOU KNOW?!?!


Luckily, I was the only one who noticed. 

Except maybe all of those video cameras…

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