Miracle Nuggets

I thought since my back didn’t hurt as much that I was on the mend and 86’d the meds. 

I think I made a mistake. 

Of all the thinks I’ve thunked, that was an ill informed one & I’m paying the piper for my stupid thunking. 


My workout consisted of tossing & turning all night with each toss accented by an “Aaaauuugggghhhh!!!!” and each turn by an “Oooohhhhh!!!!”

You’re right, I’m wrong.
You have the the knowledge & I have an empty head.
You’re good looking & I’m not attractive. 
(Is that enough groveling?)

Your halo is so bright that I can’t look directly at you. 

With my mouth full of little white miracle nuggets (pills) & a cocktail that I NOW KNOW FOR SURE WORKS, I’m back on the straight & narrow. 

More fuzzy news from the pool tomorrow…


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