Better Living Through Chemistry

Chemistry is an amazing science. 


I’m not talking about the chemistry between me & my special friend. (We go together like an oil spill on a duck. Bonding folks, bonding.)

I’m talking about better living through chemistry. 

I had a slight back injury last week that blossomed into a serious “I can’t walk” episode and my current meds weren’t doing the trick. 
After a call to the family doc & a new prescription I had salvation in my hands. 

I don’t think my doctor stressed “these might make you tired” enough. 

About a half hour after taking the new chemical cocktail that the King of Pop would have been be jealous of, drool began leaking out of the corner of my mouth & my entire face was sagging into the middle of my chest. 


I was snoring with my eyes open while still somewhat awake yet semi comatose. 

It was wonderful. 

This morning in the pool I swam for 30 minutes under the influence & can’t seem to remember taking a breath. 

My back is on the mend & Doc…

I think I love you.

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