Baby Poop Workout Drink

My after workout beverage looks like baby poop. 


Dark, creepy green. 


Like the poor child has been force fed spinach & broccoli not unlike a French goose gets extra grain for that oh so delicious foie gras and said child deposits the rented veggies over ice directly into my glass. 

Parents, if you’ve ever changed your sweet, innocent looking child’s incredibly incongruous undergarment, you know exactly what I mean. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s delicious (Trader Joes Green Plant juice plus vanilla whey protein) but damn, it looks disgusting. 

I will however, continue powering this stuff down each weekday morning (especially since strawberry malts are a poor early morning weight loss tool) as it seems to be working and my pony keg is slowly becoming a twelve pack. 

Next up, salad.

With a burrito on it…


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