Uncommon Sense

It was hard to open my eyes this morning. 

Every cell in my eyelids was fighting against the effort of even twitching. 

Unfortunately, my alarm was going off I’m the other room and since my wife had another man in our bed, I was sleeping in his…

Don’t worry, for some reason, in the night he silently creeps in & crawls between us occasionally clutching a stuffed animal so it’s nothing new. 

I got up, fed the cat, made the coffee & my post workout baby poop drink and left the house. 

As I started the truck I looked back & saw…
My cooler full of beer and as I shook it, still fill of ice. 

I was like a crack addict. 

I was jonesing so bad to just sit in my truck with the radio on happily swilling Shiner Bock
and maybe even having a cigar (also sitting in a humidor back there) while totally relaxed in my sweet leather reclining seat with the sunroof & all of the windows open. 


My psyche was trembling. 

Unfortunately (all too un) common sense took over & I put said truck in gear & drove to the gym (clutching a cold beer & perfectly moist cigar) and entered the pool with a heavy heart and yes, an empty belly.

It’s still out there and I can hear the angels singing from under the cooler lid though.


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