It’s A Little Chilly

It was tough getting out of bed today. 

The alarm went off and I desperately wished (in one hand) for a ball peen hammer to silence the dastardly machine forever. 


One point in the manufacturers favor is that the longer you procrastinate (great way to start the day btw…put it off for a little while) the louder the noise gets. 

I finally dragged my sorry (donkey) across the bed & shut the damned thing off, gave it an especially scathing look (it did NOT melt) and got up. 

Facebook is an excellent way to procrastinate in the morning as well. 

I sat for fifteen minutes just perusing the posts from the night before. Laughing at some, waving away the funk when I laughed too hard at others and some of my turbo slipped out. 

I finally grabbed my keys and walked out of the door into 55 degrees in a skimpy t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts. 

My pee pee immediately disappeared. 

WTF happened?!?! 


It was so nice yesterday! I find it strangely odd that I was craving the relative warmth of the swimming pool to get away from the natural warming (or freaking cooling) of the earth. 

So here I am. Not regretting that I got up and glad that I got to swim another day. 

I drank minimal pool water and am thirsty for something less floatie flavored. 

Mr. Coffee, get ready…

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