Coffee & Donuts

I’m omnomnomnivorous. 

One might say I’m like the Marines of the dinner table. You know “no morsel left behind”.


As the exercise routine deepens, I find myself making the occasional “good decision” and I find it a bit disconcerting. 

What happened to the days of “Hey, where are we going tonight?” followed by the 3am carb loading at Denny’s (I miss you Rose, my favorite Denny’s waitress. Thanks for putting up with so much of our bs!) or the Village Inn and then passing out at the house with the music blaring out the latest grunge tunes?

Getting up at 5am is for the birds (No, seriously. You should hear them. It’s like fowlapalooza & the feathered freaks are belting out the top forty.)


But, here I am, eating some fruit (FRUIT!!!!! WTF happened to my Grand Slam breakfast?) and seriously looking forward to some coffee. 

That I made. 

At 5 am. 

Although there may be some donuts next to the coffee maker. 

Decisions, decisions…

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