Bone Dry

Just as my head was sinking into the pillow I thought “Ahhhhhhh” with a contented sigh.

Immediately the alarm went off. 
(Or so it seemed)

I dragged my sorry *ss out of bed by the short hairs and got ready for my swim.


At the pool I was treated to a surprise when the hairpiece lady showed up and slipped quietly into the pool. 

She was clad in a tasteful swimsuit that was completely covered by a full body floatation device. 

I don’t think her head ever came within a foot of the water. No way was that hair coming loose again. 

Watching her swim was a treat! 

If you’ve ever watched a turtle on its back trying to flip itself back over you’ll have a pretty good vision of what was going on atop the water only she was right side up. 


The smile on her face was faaaaantastic!!!

I laughed to myself and immediately choked because my face was under water. (Don’t try this at home folks)

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