Lights Out

The pool was dark this morning. 

Like cheesy 80’s horror movie dark only this time the serial killer is a sweet old lady on a motorized cart. 

When I drove up and saw that the lights were off I thought “CLAUDE HAVE MERCY, ITS CLOSED! YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!”(Thankyouthankyouthankyou)

Upon closer inspection it wasn’t closed, the lights just weren’t working and the room had a shadowy cast. 


Deflated and with a heavy heart I knuckle dragged into the locker room and put on my suit for my next near drowning. 

As each lap slowly passed I was waiting to encounter a pair of overall covered legs and work boots standing waist deep in the water with an idling chainsaw hovering over the surface. 


Strangely disappointed that I didn’t get to witness a demented water psycho, I listened to the chatter of the Aqua-ettes and smiled to myself. 

Maybe I was the psycho… 

Nah, just an over active imagination.

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