I skipped the pool again today. 

It was AWESOME!!!!!


After tossing and turning all night I’m sure I visited every square inch of my bed at least forty seven times. 

When the alarm went off at 5am I hauled my sorry carcass out of bed, turned off the alarm and went straight back to my room falling flat on my face into my pillow. 

Screw the nine minutes the snooze button hands out like a pinch of m&m’s in front of the worlds largest candy store. You know there’s more than nine minutes of beautiful sleep behind that door, you just have to open yourself to a little procrastination. 

I did. 


I opened the door, crossed the threshold and dreamed the dreams of the innocent. (Or maybe just the slightly less guilty)

I feel great and the Aqua-ettes are just gonna have to do without me today 🙂


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