We’re Gonna Party Like…

Today is a hallowed day in the tomes of time paralleled with the likes of:

1. National Take Your Child To A Dangerous Place day. 
2. Shoot Your High Powered Rifle Straight Into The Air day.
and the ever popular
3. National Ball Peen Hammer Sleep Aid day. 

It’s My Birthday. 


So, to celebrate, I got up at 5 and went to the pool for a little birthday punishment/entertainment. 

My special friend was there and when I told her it was my birthday the conversation went pretty much like this…

SF: “How old are you? About 34?”
Me: “I’m 44 today!”
SF: “You look a lot younger! Today is my sisters birthday too!”
Me: “Really? Nice!”
SF: “Yeah, she died.”
Me: “…oh.”


Samantha was there too. 

I said good morning and her response was typical.
“Good m&$%#*f&$%#n‘ Monday mornin’ to you m&$%#*f&$%#r.”

I couldn’t say for sure but if I had to describe her speech I’d say she was speaking in lower case letters and under her breath. 


So far the day is going swimmingly well (wa, wa, waaaaa…) and I’m excited to see what the rest of it brings 

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