One For The Ladies


As I donned my circa 1984 fluorescent yellow & pink scuba suit I thought “You know, the ladies are in for a treat this morning!” 

With flippers on, mask & snorkel in tow I made my grand entrance into the pool room. (If you’ve ever worn swim fins you know how awkward this walk looks…)

The Glamour Boys were the only ones in the pool. 

One of them choked a little bit while the other snickered barely under his breath as I made my way into the water, ashamed to the core, feeling like some sort of neon Michelin Man and squeaking as if two overinflated balloons were rubbing together under my suit. This wasn’t how I’d planned it…

With the Glamour Boys (strangely cologne free) putting on their best Oprah Winfrey show gossip segment next to me in lane four I proceeded to exercise my humility away.

2 thoughts on “One For The Ladies

  1. Humility makes for some grueling workouts. Like the time I tripped over a garbage can and fell smack into a stop sign on my jog, thankfully, only about ten other people were running, and a family of five. Super sexy moments.

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