As I rolled into the pool room this morning the words “Hi Six Pack!” rang out.

I smiled and waved and said to myself “I’m gonna give them a show today” thinking maybe I’d regain some of my dignity after yesterday’s turf induced humiliation.

Putting my swim goggles on, I flexed my muscles a little and got set for a graceful dive into the water.


I geared up for a long leap, tensed up and sprang from the pools edge as hard as I could…

and slipped.


I was instantly horizontal about three feet in the air. My body was over the water and my feet were still over the pools’ edge.

The look of horrific surprise on my face must’ve been priceless.

I don’t think my head even made it under the water as I belly flopped onto the surface of the pool.

My feet remained hooked onto the ledge and my goggles were wedged under my left nostril and over my right eye at the same time.

With my ears full of water and my cheeks hot with shame, I crawled back out of my watery humiliation and left the room.

I’m sure the ladies will still be giggling about it on Monday…

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