Redneck Death

Sunday was brought to us by the letter “R”

For Redneck. 

100% of male redneck deaths are preceded by the words “Hey, watch this!”
Also, 99.724% of all statistics on male redneck deaths are made up on the spot.


If you haven’t done a standing back flip in six to ten years, try a few by yourself before trying one in front of your wife & (now thoroughly unimpressed) son. 

Jett says “Hey Dad? Can you show me a back flip?”
I was feeling pretty good so I said those fateful words “Watch this…”

I made it about three quarters of the way around, landed on my head (true), broke one of my toes (true) and left my pride in the back yard next to the trampoline and my crumpled psyche. 


I’m lucky I didn’t break my (red) neck. 

Today’s workout was legs & a half mile in the pool complete with one of the Glamour Boys & my special lady friend ( who gave me an interesting recipe for chicken wings).
This time my legs were less like “bait” & more like “Fish On!” So maybe I’m cresting the mountainous hurdle of forced exercise. 

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